Anti-Virus Guide

Recommended processes to prevent virus or malicious code problems:

  • Always run the University standard, supported anti-virus software. It is available from the ASU Technical Support group (phone: 828.262.6266, email: Download and run the current version; download and install anti-virus software updates as they become available.
  • NEVER open any files or macros attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy source. Delete these attachments immediately, then "double delete" them by emptying your Trash.
  • Delete spam, chain, and other junk email without forwarding.
  • Virus warnings from friends or unknown sources should never be forwarded to other users. Also, you should never follow procedures of such warnings. If you believe your computer has a virus please contact Tech Support. To see a list of virus hoaxes visit
  • Never download files from unknown or suspicious sources.
  • Avoid direct disk sharing with read/write access unless there is absolutely a business requirement to do so.
  • Always scan a floppy diskette or CD-ROM from an unknown source for viruses before using it.
  • Back-up critical data and system configurations on a regular basis and store the data in a safe place.