Audio-Video Server Procedures

1.0 Purpose

This Procedure requires all individual or departmental video and audio servers to meet certain criteria and configurations before utilizing the Appalachian State Data Network to transport video and or audio information. This Procedure is required to control the combined network bandwidth consumption of these non-enterprise devices.

2.0 Scope

This Procedure covers all network devices connected directly or indirectly to any of Appalachian State University's internal networks that provide and or serve constant audio and or video data streams or image uploads to other network devices over the Appalachian State University production network. Network audio/video devices include but are not limited to stand-alone web cams, personal computers with video cameras and or audio equipment attached, etc.

Enterprise audio/video servers (devices that serve multiple audio/video functions as a centralized server) are not limited by this Procedure.

3.0 Procedure

To comply with this Procedure, all individual or departmental audio/video devices must comply with the following rules and limitations:

  1. Audio and video streams (see definition below) must be kept at or below a combined total of 64,000 bits per second.
  2. Video images/pictures (see definition below) cannot be uploaded at a rate of more than 1 frame (picture) per minute across the Appalachian State University production network.
  3. Resolution of the image should not be higher than required by the application. As a general rule, single picture/image sizes should be kept below 30,000 bytes.
  4. Network bandwidth availability cannot be guaranteed for these devices.
  5. Network Infrastructure and Control Systems will exercise network bandwidth control for these servers.
  6. An intermediate enterprise web page or video and or audio streaming server must be used to provide video and or audio data streams or image uploads that exceed the limitations stated above.

4.0 Enforcement

Anyone found to have violated this Procedure may have their network access privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

5.0 Definitions

Enterprise Server
A special centralized device used to provide a service to multiple University-departments and or Internet users. These devices have special high-speed connectivity and security features to the University production network.

Production Network
The "production network" is the network used in the daily business of Appalachian State University.

Stream (audio/video)
Motion video and/or continuous audio data streams.

Video Image/picture
One single picture file with no motion or audio.

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