Student Network Registration

1.0 Purpose

This Procedure requires all student owned devices be registered for network access if the student desires the device to access the Appalachian State University Data Network and or Internet via the Appalachian Network.

2.0 Scope

This Procedure covers all student owned network devices connected directly or indirectly to any of Appalachian State University's internal networks. This includes but is not limited to wired and wireless networks in residence halls, academic and administrative buildings. Network devices include but are not limited to personal computers, PDAs, etc.

3.0 Procedure

To comply with this Procedure, student owned devices must be registered by the student using the students Appalachian State University computer user account and the Appalachian State University Network Registration system .

In any case, the student must agree to abide by Appalachian State University Computer Use Policies (see Acceptable Use Policy) before the device will be registered.

Also, direct access to a student computer, initiated from the Internet, will not be allowed.

To recapture network resources, student registered devices will be deregistered from the network from time to time. This deregistration process may be performed between the Spring Semester and beginning of the Summer Semester and will always be performed between the end of the Summer Semester and the beginning of the Fall Semester. However, deregistration may be performed at any time to recover unused network resources. If a device is deregistered to recover resources, the student may then reregister the device using the same procedure as when the device was originally registered.

4.0 Enforcement

Anyone found to have violated this Procedure may have their network access privileges temporarily or permanently revoked.

5.0 Revision History